15 May 2014

Venting because I can

I can't deal with idiots!

I hate it when people are so stupid they can't figure out the little things for themselves- for instance a particular sales person that I am now forced to deal with on a daily basis- he can't figure out that if a certain part is now obsolete he has to use the replacement part... According to him however I have to check what I'm doing ... IDIOTS!

There are few things that get my blood boiling as much as retards do but for future reference I have drawn up a list:

-Incorrect Grammar
-Delayed response from service consultants
-Stupid questions
-Stupid assumptions
-Incorrect usage of words
-Loud breathing or chewing of any kind

Now if anyone that reads this does any of the above we know that they're just asking for a high five... in the face... with a chair!

I needed to vent...