14 May 2014

The Next One

Right so I ended last time in saying that I no longer want to kill my ex....

This I suppose was a very trying time for me, I was still living in my uncle's house and sharing a room with my gran so I could have no alone time to just grieve for the loss of my relationship- which in case you didn't know is something every female needs when the person she thinks is the love of her life just walks out without a second glance.

I then met a guy I'll named Raymond (I'm sure if you know me you'll know who this is), a nice guy - down to earth and funny and within 2 weeks I was convinced I was in love. I spoke to my mom about him and of course as always mother knows best- she told me he was just a rebound, a week later I realised this for myself and ended things with Raymond.

Through all this time I was still working like a slave for a company I was getting frustrated with and a perv of a boss. There was however one person who always tried his best to make me smile when I was having a bad day or when I was in a foul mood- "Mr Mysterious".

He was an enormous man with an even bigger heart, he was (obviously) mysterious and flirtatious and quite frankly an awesome friend. He knew what my boss was like and would help me by just letting me vent to him when I needed to.

He worked on the opposite side of the office and was mostly on the road seeing customers but when I needed him, I'd text him and he'd be there- he was the next guy I fell for, completely different to my ex and Raymond but he was what I needed and desperately wanted.