14 May 2014


I didn't realise I was in love with "Mr Mysterious" until it was too late for either one of us to do anything about it.

I was always talking about him, everyone could see I was besotted over this much much older man but I couldn't- until I was told that he was leaving for good, hopping on a plane and never coming back.

A couple days after I had this mini-revelation of mine, I told him how badly he sucked, I wrote him a long "Grey's Anatomy" type speech and let him know exactly what he'd done, I ended it off by saying, "you suck because you've stolen my heart and now you're leaving with it." Yep I was that corny but I didn't give a damn- I was hurt and felt he needed to know.

I never took the time to ask if he ever had the same feelings or not because I was too scared of the answer, what would I do if he'd said, "No Des, I really don't, you're like a little sister to me..." I would be even more crushed than I am now! No, Think it best that I let bygones be bygones and keep my friendship intact.

Regarding my life in Johannesburg (I've completely gotten side tracked here)- I moved into my own place on the 1st of December last year and I'm now enjoying my independance... Life is a little tough at this point in time but I will get through it :-)