20 May 2014


There are some people in this world who can ruin your day just by breathing the same air as you (mostly when they breath loudly) and then you get those people who can brighten up your day with a simple hello or even just a look (if they're close by). These are the people I have been focussing on today and I'm a cheery as a squirrel with many nuts!

One of these very AWESOME people is My Momma, she knows just when I need a "hello" (I call it mental telepathy but maybe its just because she's my mom). My mom is the most amazing woman I know, I realise daily how much I need her and how much life sucks without her around me. I love you my momma thank you for always being there when I need you <3

The other AWESOME person is Mr Mysterious, he's managed to turn my frown upside down this morning by simply chatting to me. For some reason I got out of bed in a really foul mood this morning and now I'm my chirpy self again. Thank you Mr, I needed that :)

Now its just onwards and upwards the rest of the day, I guess I just needed that nudge.