16 May 2014

This Amazing Place

I've been working at this company for 9 months now-

I was first a PA to a pervy round penguin in the operations division for 6 months, he gave me minimal work to do but had the unfortunate habit of openly gawking at my chest (he gawked at men's crotches too- it was weird). He had the brand managers who reported to him and I did most of their admin too but then I had to do the CFO's admin, HR's admin and the CEO's wife's admin- so its safe to say I was kept busy most of the time. 

This of course was not busy enough for the CEO's wife and after working there for 5 months (one fixed term contract and one extension), I was given notice and told that because I had no work to do they were going to let me go when my contract extension ended (this after the pervy penguin had specified to HR after my 3 month fixed term contract ended that I was to be made permanent). So I moved on started looking for work everywhere and was offered the position I am in now- PA for the solar division.

Old Tom Cruise approached me and since his PA was going on maternity leave I would start working with them- I was told this was only on temporary basis and when my contract expired I would no longer be needed here. 

This whole time they have been paying me peanuts, even so I was grateful to have a job and almost excited because old Tom Cruise was talking about keeping me on permanent after his PA came back and was assuring me that he would have something done about my salary.

Now to give you an idea- my contract here in the solar division started on February 1st... it is now May... I'm still sitting on the same basic and only now has there been talks with upper management about a permanent contract...

I shall see where this road takes me but I must add that I am not very optimistic-