19 May 2014

Runway to Success

I finally feel like I'm going somewhere with my life, like I'm eventually living and not just standing idly as life passes me by. I'm on the runway to my future an the plane is taking off!

Today I get the ball rolling on my student loan- I have to just get my payslip scanned in and then my lease agreement as proof of residency, then I send that with all the relevant documentation to ABSA and hopefully get approved, I then register for my course at UNISA in June and then I start studying because exams are in November. After that it's only 3 and a half years and I'll have a bachelors degree in counselling psychology!

The mail to the HR department regarding my permanent contract was sent on Friday and I have been promised a raise to go with that- I have already drafted a letter to my boss incase there is no raise in my contract, so I'll have job security for a couple of years hopefully.

I was however rejected to get the Iphone 4s but I half expected that (I earn R100 short of their minimum) but my gran has said she'd take it out on her name and as soon as we can we can transfer the contract onto my name- at least then I'll have a decent phone!

Can you hear it? I definitely can!!!