13 May 2014

My first months in Joburg

Okay, so this is my first post...

I tried this once before but I think then I was too young to actually grasp what a blog was all about, now being 20 I think I can grasp the responsibility this page leaves me with.

Well here goes, as mentioned before I'm 20 years old... I've been living in Joburg for 9 months now- I've had my heart broken, I've fallen in love and unfortunately had my heart broken again... So I think I'll officially start this page by talking about when I had just moved to Joburg and see how it progresses.

I moved here in on the 19th of July, my boyfriend at that time drove me up from Durban and it was heart-wrenchingly sad to leave my mom and him behind. To begin with I moved in with my uncle and his family, his wife, her child, my gran and then my uncle's child was there on weekends- it was terrible.
I was never mistreated as such I just hated living there and hated their style of doing most things- such as supper, it was never a hearty home cooked meal but always processed food (even the veggies when we had them).

About a month into my living in Joburg my boyfriend came up and moved in with his brother, 2 weeks later he ended things with me. I was shattered. A week after that happened he fetched his things and again I was completely broken- I had been with this guy for 1 and a half years and here he was smiling at me sympathetically because he'd broken my heart. Urghhhhhh. It angers me now to think of it but not so much that I want to kill him anymore.

That's how I'll end this entry I think.

Maybe I'll skim over my highlights of living in Joburg for the first couple of entries, this being one of them...

Goodbye for now <3