1 Sep 2016

Here's to You, You Strong Amazing Woman....

It's a little ridiculous how one person can rock your world so completely that you forget how to breathe without them there, and then when they leave, it's like you're gone too, your whole heart was invested in that one person and they took it upon themselves to decide that you were not worth the effort, that you didn't deserve happiness and that you were not worth their time, effort and love.

It's crazy how this one person is the world to you and you have yet to find out that you aren't even a flower petal in theirs. I bring this up because my best friend is still hurting from the damage caused by one person, the one person that was meant to keep her safe and happy and make her feel like she is an entire universe all on her own. He took it upon himself to manipulate and emotionally abuse this beautiful, extraordinary woman and for that I will never forgive him - he picked a rose and proceeded to pluck every petal until there was nothing left for him to tarnish and then what does he do? Drops the stem of course and off he goes free as a bird and happy as they come.

The thing about roses though, they are beautiful regardless of what someone else has taken from them. My friend, it absolutely kills me that you are in this much pain and there's little to nothing I can do about it but I can promise that it really does get better. I promise you, one day, you will feel better again, you will love again and this time, beware the man that tries to break you - because not only will we take them down, but you will be strong enough to show them that you really actually don't need them and your life and they on't deserve even one of your tears.

It does get better, you are amazing, you are stunning and you will get through this but until that time, my shoulders are yours to cry on whenever and for as long as you need.

I love you