19 Aug 2016

What's a little step further?

Its funny how our lives can change by a flap of a butterfly's wings (or something equally gentle); one moment you are on the highway of life driving 120km/h and all the other cars around you are going the same way, everything seems fine and dandy and then next moment the cars have all turned around and now you're dodging everything that's coming your way (and holy shit is that a truck...), and of course in that same way everything can flip in your favour too and the moment the truck is about to hit you, it's gone and you're the one in the fast lane looking like a fool breaking as hard as you possibly can.

If I had to look at my life over the past two years, thats exactly whats been happening to me... one moment I thought I was happy and safe in my relationship and the next we were broken up, I had to fix a broken car, give back my brother's car, move house and make sure I was keeping it together all at the same time. Then of course we get all settled in, I get a handle on my depression, I get a new car... then life decides that its has actually been too chilled lately and goes WELL BOOM and my mom loses her job, then its moving house back closer to work, trying to make ends meet, losing a pet and stressing over whether my mom is okay on the plot because while I know she technically has company - we were basically best friends and now she hasn't got me there to talk to anymore and I miss her more and more daily.

Life is nowhere near like a box of chocolates in my eyes because sure you never know what you are gonna get Forrest, but at least the good trumps the bad regardless of which chocolate you get, life is very much more like driving through Van Reenens... it could be sunny... it could be raining... hell it could be freaking snowing through Van Reenens while the rest of South africa has a nice hot day.

I know that I'll triumph over anything life can throw at me though, I know that much because I have been tested so many times and everytime I have come out stronger and better for it, just know that, if you are going through a tough time and you aren't sure how the hell you are going to start seeing the light again, you always will get through it - hell you've come this far, what's a little step further?