19 May 2016

I Choose Happiness

Today I will try write about something happy, (even though when I wrote that line I lost all inspiration to actually write) the world is filled with bad people, bad things those people do, bad energy, terrible happening and horrific events. Finding something positive in life is a must, though some days might be harder than others - I'm sure if I put my mind to it I can do it, I can write about beaming positivity and silver linings.

Positive point numero uno, I have a mom who loves me and cares for me - she does everything in her power to make her kids happy and to keep them that way, even on the days where it feels like I have nothing left and I have no one to turn to, I have my mom. I love you mom.

Secondly, I have friends in my life who can make me laugh no matter what we have been through or are going through. Hell after Des and I were in the accident, Lu picked us up (from ladysmith - he was at the Dam) drove us alll the way back where Lu's mom made us lie on the floor with our feet in the air - Des and I had so many pain killers in our systems though that we lied there laughing our asses off  at what had literally happened a few hours ago... That's tru friendship and honestly guys even though I probably say it too little, I love you guys and I am always here through the good and the bad - you guys are absolutely fantastico :D

Third one, I work for an amazing company that knows what it's employees are worth and treats them as such. No matter how much I think I mess up, I'm told that I do a fantastic job and they don't want me to go anywhere.

I think that's enough positivity for one day (lets get real no one likes a person who's unreasonably optimistic).

I'm out!