9 Jun 2014


Sitting here at work I realise one thing- I am unappreciated, underpaid and not thought of in general- I do most things in this office but I am not a valued employee.

My job title is changing to office administrator but it seems I will never be eligible for a pay rise; it seems this way because as many times as I request a pay rise I get ignored... this is this amazing place just playing to its name all over again.

I may have mentioned before that I have been here for a total of 10 months- on a temporary contract from the day I walked in; I have now received my permanent contract, I still report to 2 people, I now have to start paying 50% of provident fund, I already pay UIF and I have my rent, groceries etc to pay but my contract states that my salary will remain the same. I of course do not agree.

Sitting here at work I realise one thing - I need to find myself a better place to work