8 Jun 2014


I feel alone 

I feel utterly and completely deserted by all human form or loving caress. Whether I physically am alone is a completely different story. 

I feel like one of those girls I make fun fun of in the movies- you know the one: she pines after the man of her dreams and acts like its the end of the universe because he's left. I feel like I've given up all of my morals about being a strong woman because I am now that pathetic woman. 

I have people who love me, many in fact, at this point I just feel like I may never find a soul mate (tacky word for it). I feel like I will live out my life alone and constantly in the way.

I used to laugh at woman artists who mourne about love lost now I cry with them. 

I feel alone. I feel like I'll never be understood. I feel alone.